Travel not Authorised. Was your ESTA application denied?

Should you reapply for an ESTA if your travel authorisation was not approved?

Travellers are often nervous about answering questions incorrectly or transmitting errors on their application. The ESTA is not a guaranteed travel permit. This online system facilitates the pre-planning for the traveller and provides the US authorities an effective method to pre-screen passengers without the long wait times. 

There are times however when an ESTA is not approved. The details are not always provided, so what is a traveller to do?

If an ESTA application is not approved, and travel to the USA is not authorised, what steps can the traveller take?

If you suspect your denial was due to an error, you may reapply for an ESTA authorisation after a period of ten days. Representatives at the consulate or third parties are not privy to any reasons, so, one must use best judgement in pursuing the best course of action.

In most cases, travellers must make the necessary appointments with the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate and apply for a nonimmigrant visa (visitor visa or business visa). The process for such visas requires a different application, a personal interview and longer approval times. 

All of us are called to keep the integrity of the authorisation system intact and provide only accurate and truthful information. Travel protocols such as the Visa Waiver programme ensures travel to and from the United States remains safe for you and your family. Reapplying for the ESTA or applying for the Visitor Visa requires all questions be completed accurately to the best of your knowledge. Applying for an ESTA with false information for the purpose of keeping travel plans may flag the traveller as permanently ineligible to visit the USA.

With over 13,000 miles of coastal scenery and history that make up the continental United States, we hope you discover the beauty and spirit of America. 

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