Easter in the USA!

Easter is coming and every nation in the world celebrates the Holy Week in its own way, with unique traditions and customs. Find out what happens in the US throughout this holiday, and don’t forget to apply for your ESTA online before travelling! 

One renowned event in the USA is the ‘Easter Egg Roll’, a tradition led by the White House in Washington D.C., dedicated to encouraging children to lead active, healthy lifestyles. The tradition was opened to the public in 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes, and since then it has become an annual key event for young and old participants.

The primary event of the ‘Easter Egg Roll’ is a race in which children roll an egg down the grass, pushing it with a long spoon. Children also go in search of hidden Easter eggs scattered across the garden. But it doesn’t end here, there are also plenty of other games and performances, and of course Mr. and Mrs. Obama are there to oversee it themselves!

In order to participate in the event, visitors can apply for free tickets via an online lottery system.

A similar tradition is held in New Orleans (Louisiana), where, on Easter Sunday, in City Park, thousands of coloured eggs are hidden around the park and children dash off in search of them. If you plan to attend an Easter Egg Hunt, tickets can be purchased online.

Also, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a grand parade is held, previously known as the ‘Historic French Quarter Parade’, and now as the ‘Chris Owens French Quarter Easter Parade’. The event takes place on Easter Sunday. On the day, the descript lights up with a whole array of shows, costumes, dancing and music. During the parade, sweets and candy are launched into the crowd from floats. In the afternoon, the extravagant ‘Gay Easter Parade’ takes place, and is open to all.

The Easter parade of New York City dates back to 1800: the ‘Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival’. On Fifth Avenue, from 49th to 57th Street, the town fills with people following the route, admiring the colourful outfits and extravagant Easter hats. In fact, the ‘Easter Bonnets’ are the most curious element of this parade. Many spectators also bring their small pets along with them, who, of course, are equally well dressed up!

This is just a taste of what’s on offer in the USA over the Easter holidays! Treat yourself to a visit and apply for your ESTA online today! 

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