The USA in 10 questions

Before you head off to the USA, test your knowledge on the country and get some daytrip ideas!

The USA doesn’t leave anybody indifferent, as there really are some many things to say about this country! The country draws so much attention from its Hollywood blockbusters, internationally renowned universities, its cultural diversity, etc. Always on the front page of the news, whether it’s due to its politics, economy or events, the USA are by far the country that uses up the most press ink across the world!

Find out what you know (or don’t know) about the States with this fun little quiz. It’s also great for getting some new trip ideas! You get one point for each correct answer – begin! 

  • 1.  Which are the two main political parties of the USA?

  • 2.  Where can you find the cliff seen at the end of movie "Thelma and Louise"?

  • 3.  In which city can you find the bar that gives its name to the cult series "Cheers"?

  • 4.  Which states share a border with Mexico?

  • 5.  Which documents are required for travelling to the USA as a tourist from a Visa Waiver Program country?

  • 6.  Where are the grave and memorial for writer Edgar Allan Poe?

  • 7.  Where is the farm where Dorothy lives in "The Wizard of Oz"?

  • 8.  In which state is Mount Rushmore?

  • 9.  Which are the three most important American newspapers?

  • 10.  Whereabouts is the geographical centre of the USA? (the centre of the 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii)


  • Between 8 and 10 points: you’re a true USA lover! So when’s your next trip to the States?
  • Between 4 and 7 points: Not bad! After a little trip to strengthen your knowledge, the USA won’t have so many secrets for you.
  • 3 points or less: erm… Let’s say that your knowledge of the USA leaves something to be desired, but you still have time to get your ESTA authorisation online and go on a little discovery trip! You won’t regret it! 

Answers: 1- Democrat and Republican, 2- The Grand Canyon, 3- Boston, 4- California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, 5- An ESTA authorisation and a valid passport, 6- In Baltimore, Maryland, 7- Kansas, 8- South Dakota, 9-The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, 10- Near the city of Lebanon in Kansas.

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