US Presidential travel proclamations and  planning your US Travel.

Status: Presidential Proclamation suspending travel to the US

What are the temporary restrictions and exemptions for ESTA travellers to the US?

November 2020 Updates: Beginning in January 2020, US President Donald J. Trump signed the first proclamation to limit travel from the People’s Republic of China into the United States to halt the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. This Presidential Proclamation is entitled the Proclamation on the Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Certain Additional Persons Who Pose a Risk of Transmitting Coronavirus


ESTA Travel: UK to US trip tips for children under 18

What is the protocol for travelling to the US with a child under 18?

Visiting the United States can be a wonderful experience for children. The US has an abundance of fantastic attractions, interesting places to explore, and while the language is the same, the cultural and subtle differences between the United States and the United Kingdom can be exciting and eye opening. Before embarking on this adventure, there are a few additional protocols to consider for a…

Tips for fast ESTA application approval

ESTA application tips – be authorised for visa-free US travel

Complete the ESTA application correctly for a smooth trip to the US

The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is the document required to enter the United States under the visa waiver program (VWP). To ensure the fast processing and authorisation, care should be taken that the responses on this visa waiver application are entered correctly. Some common mistakes can be easily overlooked when completing the ESTA application. An incorrect response on the ESTA form… READ MORE
ESTA travel to Walt Disney World Orlando

ESTA Travel - safety spotlight on Walt Disney World Resort

How US tourist attractions are preparing for a new normal

22 July 2020 – Although the US has yet to reopen its borders to travellers from the UK, one beacon of hope is that domestic tourism has seen a measurable uptick in the US, and in Europe many countries have begun to welcome regional visitors again. The restrictions on entry, an ESTA travel ban, is actually something the US government has had in place since mid-March… READ MORE
New normal of US air travel

Coronavirus and the new normal of US travel

What changes can ESTA traveler expects as air and cruise travel implements new safety measures 

30 June 2020 – The world is settling into a new normal as countries have finally begun to reopen their economies and their borders once again. Since the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic the travel industry and travellers are settling in to a new normal. The airline and cruise industries look to a future of safety in the wake of coronavirus. And travellers with… READ MORE
Coronavirus and UK travellers flying to US

COVID-19 News – Lifting restrictions in the UK and the US

ESTA travel news: coronavirus updates on travel restrictions from Europe and what to expect in the US and UK through latter 2020

10 May 2020 – Since mid-March travel restrictions due to the 2019 novel coronavirus, SARS Cov 2, have affected travel from the UK, the European Union and beyond. The travel ban applies to leisure and business visitors including ESTA approved travellers entering the country with approval of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). There are no concrete… READ MORE
COVID-19 impacts UK travel to the USA

Top 10 FAQ about COVID-19 and US Travel Ban

US imposes short-term travel ban for UK, Ireland to stem the immigration effect of the COVID-19 pandemic


24 March 2020 – The world it seems is on pause. COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2, caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus that emerged in the latter part 2019, has for now halted much international travel. The United States, like many countries has instituted a travel ban which temporarily denies entry to foreign visitors from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and theREAD MORE
The Washington Monument at The National Mall

Top US Monuments - ESTA Travel from the United Kingdom

Discover our hand-picked favourite top US National Monuments and Memorials, in the continental United States and Alaska, for Visa Waiver Programme travellers

ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, allows for visa-free travel from the UK to the United States. Even better, ESTA approval as part of the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) features a 90-day limit per visit so you can tour about and get to know some of America’s most beloved landmarks while embarking on a… READ MORE
prohibited items entering us

ESTA Travel - Prohibited items when entering the US

Learn about restricted and prohibited items when visiting the United States under the Visa Waiver Programme

You may know, the Electronic Travel Authorisation System (ESTA), as part of the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), offers the convenience of visa-free travel to the United States. And its flexible 90-day limit for stays make it an easy choice for savvy travellers. But, do you know what items are restricted for import into the country? Perhaps you will be visiting your best… READ MORE

ESTA Timeline: Application, Duration and Validity

Understanding the timeline of procedures for ESTA to ensure seamless travel to the U.S.

Last month, hundreds of UK travellers were unable to fly to the USA due to a problem with the ESTA application system. As you would expect, this resulted in significant outrage and many disappointed holidaymakers, so here we will look at how this can be avoided so that you never find yourself in the same situation.

What happened?

Periodically, changes… READ MORE

Connecting flights to and within the USA – What you need to know

One thing that all Visa Waiver Programme member countries have in common is that they are a long way away from the United States! This means that, although direct routes are certainly available, sometimes your only option is to take multiple flights. Here we will take a look at what a connecting flight means for your journey when you’re visiting the USA with your ESTA.


If you are going to the United States from the United


Automated kiosks at the United States airports

When you travel to the USA with ESTA, many airports give you the opportunity to speed up the process thanks to Automated Passport Control. This is a quick and easy procedure that makes your journey under the Visa Waiver Programme even easier. So let’s look at how it works…


If you’ve ever travelled to the USA before, you’re probably familiar with the moment that the in-flight crew pass through the cabin handing out customs declarations


Minor offences and travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme

When travelling to the USA under the Visa Waiver Programme, it is important to know what the grounds for inadmissibility are when it comes to having committed minor offences in the past.


A British tourist was recently turned away upon arrival in the USA when customs officials found an old text message about cocaine on her phone. This occurred when she and a friend travelled to Los Angeles, and were taken aside for further questioning when


Planning a Trip to the USA during this summer with your ESTA Authorisation?

The summer is in full swing and and that means a lot more holidaymakers crossing the skies to embark on their summer breaks. As a hugely popular travel destination amongst Brits, the USA sees an influx of tourists throughout this time, which includes hikes in flight and accommodation prices and busier airports. Busier airports mean longer waiting times.

So, what can you expect when travelling to the USA this summer?


Let’s start with


Exceeding the 90 day limit of the ESTA

Everyone who travels to the USA, either on a visa or with an ESTA, has an authorised period of time that they can spend there. With visas this varies according to its type, and with ESTA this period is always 90 days. Here we will take a look at what it means to overstay this authorisation period and the implications.


Last month, President Trump issued a presidential memorandum on ‘Combatting High Non-immigrant Overstay Rates’…