Brand USA Travel Week to be held in London this September

Brand USA is a private-public organisation that promotes the USA as a destination, both for travel and business, that has existed since 2010. This year marks the first edition of ‘Brand USA Travel Week’, which will come to London in September to promote tourism and business prospects to the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole.


Brand USA also works as a source of information, informing travellers on visa and entry policies. Naturally, a large part…


Thanksgiving in the USA with ESTA

That magical time of the year is upon us as we’re fully immersed in the Autumn; it is time to start preparing for Thanksgiving! Although it is always a good time to demonstrate gratitude, carving out a specific day (as well as a turkey) to do so helps set not just a reminder on the calendar, but also enables friends and family to plan ahead and get together, in order to celebrate whatever luck we’ve had in the past year.


The Visa Waiver Programme has positive results in overstays

Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security published their annual Entry/Exit Overstay Report. The report details the number of visitors during the financial year who have stayed in the United States beyond the term of their visa or ESTA. Among other things, this is a key indication as to the success of the Visa Waiver Programme, and can provide some guidelines as to how to improve the general system.

In this respect, by analysing the ‘overstay…


Prepare for your trip to the USA with this ESTA Infographic

Are you traveling to the USA soon? Get your ESTA first, then check out this helpful infographic to help you prepare for your trip to the USA. 

The United States is a large country that offers something for everyone. It's important to plan your trip to maximize your fun while you are there, and this infographic can help you get started. 

Find cool places to visit, popular cities, destinations and tourist attractions, and get help with… READ MORE

Train travel in the USA with ESTA

You might be familiar with Europe’s Interrail system, but did you know that the USA has their own version for interstate travel? When you travel to the USA with ESTA, you can embark on your own rail adventure across the country.

The US equivalent of the Interrail is known as the USA Rail Pass, which is sold by AMTRAK; the country’s sole interstate rail company. AMTRAK have 500 destinations throughout the United States, so there…


Passport fraud troubling for Visa Waiver Programme

Officials in the United States have uncovered passport fraud in Hungary, that has led to non-Hungarian citizens being able to enter the United States under the Visa Waiver Programme.

The Visa Waiver Programme allows citizens of 38 countries to apply for ESTA online. ESTA is the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, and serves as an automated screening system to provide applicants quick authorisation to visit the United States without the need for a visa. If approved, these… READ MORE

Get your ESTA application in on time for the 4th of July

The USA is a vast country with a relatively young but incredibly rich history, and a great reminder of this is the amazing celebration that is 4th of July. Though they may be celebrating their breakaway from the United Kingdom, this is still an excellent opportunity for Brits to get a glimpse of true American patriotism, and certainly something to join in with. Thanks to the Visa Waiver Programme, you can travel to the USA with ESTA and check… READ MORE

Mobile Apps that make travelling with ESTA easier in 2019

ESTA has made travelling to the USA much easier and more affordable for many Brits, by bypassing the traditional process for applying for a US visa. And there’s no denying that having the internet in your pocket has made travelling a much smoother process on the whole too. 

Whether going short or long distances, our smartphones can be filled with tools that make every step of the journey a little easier, from getting from A to B and… READ MORE

ETIAS – Schengen’s version of the US ESTA

In 2020, it could be that the Schengen Zone will introduce a new travel authorisation system, which will be very similar to the ESTA system currently being used in the United States.

The system is currently in the planning phase, as of 2016. It will be known as the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, or ‘ETIAS’, and will serve as an alternative to a visa for visa-free nationals to travel to the Schengen Zone. The main… READ MORE

Travel Promotion Act of 2009 and it's relation to the ESTA

As a British citizen, you can apply to visit the USA as a tourist, or on business, under the Visa Waiver Programme. You may have heard of ‘ESTA’, which is the travel authorisation given to successful applicants, but you may not be so familiar with the ‘Travel Promotion Act’, which was passed in 2009 and signed into law in 2010.

The ESTA and the Visa Waiver Programme have been around quite a while longer than the Travel Promotion… READ MORE

The Visa Waiver Program ESTA application. Tips for 2019.

The ESTA application is a quick, online form, that potential visitors to the USA can fill out in order to visit the country under the Visa Waiver Programme. There are currently 38 member countries of the programme, including the United Kingdom. Citizens of these countries can travel under the Visa Waiver Programme as tourists or on business, avoiding the hassle of applying for a traditional US visa.

All in all, a large reason behind the existence of the… READ MORE

Should I travel with an ESTA or a Visa? 2019

The United States is well-known for being a melting pot of people and cultures from around the planet. Indeed, as a ‘new-world’ country, its very range of societies today is a result of this historic crossover of people. And today, the country remains one of the most popular choices of destination for citizens around the world, as a tourist spot, or to live, study or work.

As UK citizens, it is very easy to visit the United States… READ MORE
ESTA Updates

The US imposes new requirements for Visa Waiver countries in 2019

As part of ongoing changes within the Trump administration, the USA is looking to tighten its border and enhance travel security on the whole. As a result, this has led to new requirements for Visa Waiver countries.
These requirements primarily involve greater sharing of information and more stringent monitoring of threats, in line with consistent strengthening of security measures in the United States.
Visa Waiver countries are states that are members of the ‘Visa Waiver Program’.… READ MORE
ESTA VWP Signatory Carrier

What is a VWP Signatory Carrier and how does it work with ESTA?

As you may know already, citizens of some 38 countries can apply for ESTA, which avoids the need for a visa when visiting the USA. The United Kingdom is one of these countries, vastly facilitating travel to the USA for many of its citizens.
The ESTA – the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation – falls under the rubric of the Visa Waiver Program, which is what allows certain travellers to visit the United States without a visa,… READ MORE
VWP Laptop Ban

Security measures and ESTA when travelling with a laptop

Thanks to portability and an increasingly digitised world, more and more passengers take their laptops with them when travelling abroad. There has been a lot of discussion about laptops on flights recently, so here we will clarify what’s going on and what you need to know. Remember, if you are travelling to the USA as a British citizen, the first thing you will need to do is make sure you have a valid ESTA. We’ll come back to this, but… READ MORE