Requesting the ESTA authorisation before making arrangements

Is your travel itinerary to the US still undefined? 

Many cities in the United States are already reporting summer weather with residents and tourists taking to its beaches and parks for summer fun. Popular travel internet sites also have enticing specials and incentives for tourist destinations such as Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando and Miami. But, what happens if you are still unsure of your exact travel dates or destination? Can you obtain the ESTA travel permit…


Travel not Authorised. Was your ESTA application denied?

Should you reapply for an ESTA if your travel authorisation was not approved?

Travellers are often nervous about answering questions incorrectly or transmitting errors on their application. The ESTA is not a guaranteed travel permit. This online system facilitates the pre-planning for the traveller and provides the US authorities an effective method to pre-screen passengers without the long wait times. 

There are times however when an ESTA is not approved. The details are not always provided…


Use of middle name or multiple names in ESTA applications

What is the exact information to use on the ESTA application form?

This is important to get correct because if you make a mistake, you run the risk of getting denied. But don't worry, we will check your information to make sure things like dates, cities and other information is not in error before we process the application. Since we can't see your passport, it is important to enter the information as accurately as you can. If you…


ESTA or Visa, which is more suitable for a trip to the US?

There are two types of permits that allow you to travel to the United States, one is the traditional nonimmigrant Visa which can be obtained in the United States Embassy, the other is the ESTA, which is processed online through the application site.

In order to obtain a Visa, a scheduled appointment with the Embassy/Consulate is required. The applicable nonimmigrant visa application must be completed prior to your interview date with the American Embassy in London. The consulate…


What's more convenient, a VISA or an ESTA?

ESTA VISA: Is it more convenient for you to process an ESTA application or to apply for a VISA?

The ESTA is a very simple process with which you will be able to obtain a travel permit to the United States online without the need to go to the United States Embassy in London.

However the ESTA does not have such varied options as a VISA, for which I recommend that you cautiously consider the benefits…


Visiting the USA during summer's 4th of July Celebrations

Note: All UK travellers visiting America must apply for the ESTA authorisation

Visiting the USA during the summer holidays this year? Don’t miss the 4th July celebrations and enjoy a day of true American patriotism. 

Having to pay substantial taxes to the British crown, the thirteen colonies of North America signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th July 1776, seceding them from the United Kingdom, and thus marking the day a national holiday in the USA: Independence…


Special characters and accents on your ESTA-Application.

People from Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany and other countries that use special non-Latin characters often wonder how they should be written on the ESTA application form. Since the English language doesn’t use any accented characters, a completed ESTA application may only contain English (Latin) characters.

The ESTA website is capable, however, of dealing with the vast majority of French, German and Swedish accented characters by automatically transliterating them into the Latin letter equivalent. A German name like…


Chile soon to join the U.S. Visa Waiver Program

Citizens of the South American country of Chile will soon enjoy the same visa-free entry that travelers from 37 other nations currently have access to, making it easier for them to travel to the USA for business and pleasure.

"Expanding visa-free travel from allied nations to the United States is a proven path to increased economic prosperity for communities all across America while also enhancing our national security," said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel…


What about Visa Reform?

In 2004 Congress required the U.S. State department interview 100% of all visa applicants.  In addition to the proper visa application, visa applicants must secure an appointment with the local Consulate Office for a personal interview to determine risk and intent to stay in the United States.

The Jobs Originated through Launching Travel (JOLT) Act, recently introduced by Congressman Joseph Heck, proposes new procedures and policies to facilitate travel for viable non-risk visitors. Some of these…