Brazil 2014: A US stop en-route to the the World Cup

The England team headed off to Brazil last week. Stopping over in Miami before setting up base in Rio, the team then flew off to Manaus on Saturday for their first chance to prove themselves. 

Brazil has been frantically adding the final touches in preparation for the event, welcoming tourists from all over the world. Brits have already started arriving to show their patriotic support. If, like the England team, you also have to make a stopover en route to see the games, there’s a high chance that you’ll be stopping over in the USA. In fact, US airlines offering flights from the UK are much cheaper when they make a layover on North American soil. These flights can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than direct flights. 

When purchasing the tickets, some customers find the price tag less appealing when they have to add the costs of a visa too. Fortunately, they’re mistaken; British citizens don’t require a visa when passing through the United States*. You simply need to get an ESTA authorisation in order to head across the Atlantic going via the USA. So, the price of the flight is still far cheaper!

The ESTA application process is:

  • Convenient: Our online form is available 24/7
  • Quick: instant response (24 hours maximum)
  • Easy: We simplify the entire process for you

Don’t miss the sporting event of the year due to an oversight. Make sure you have a passport that allows for ESTA authorisation (machine-readable or biometric) in order for you to stop over in the USA. 

If you still don’t have your tickets for the World Cup, you may find some tickets left for the final stage. 

During the group stage, the England team find themselves up against Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Let’s just hope they can put up with all that heat! 

Good luck!

*Thanks to the Visa Waiver Programme that applies to England as well as 37 other countries.

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