We are a privately owned company that helps hundreds of customers every day with travel related questions and one-on-one assistance with document preparation. We have a combined experience of over 20 years and provide a tangible value to tourists visiting the USA by greatly reducing research time and giving personalized support. There is a knowledgeable specialist reviewing and providing feedback on every document. There is a live agent answering your questions within minutes.

Our data specialists have processed thousands of applications so we know the common errors and mistakes busy travelers can make. We want to ensure you are authorized for travel by providing the correct information on the forms. Our data specialists find the errors, email you for clarification, and then update the forms for you.


If you still cannot find the information that you need on our website, email us or contact us via chat. We will provide the answers and walk you through the application process – live!

Our Data Specialists are at the core of our operation.

Knowing the product and market helps. Our experience helps our customers save time and money. Our data specialists are trained and knowledgeable in country passport guidelines and familiar with the common mistakes made by region. It is important and compulsory that an approved ESTA authorization match the details exactly as found in the passport. In addition, new security enhancements require additional information from customers visiting the United States. With application-esta.co.uk, you will have a data specialist assigned to your case. They will follow up and improve your form if needed until we have all the information necessary to ensure a positive result.

We are the Visa Waiver Program Experts

After many years assisting customers, we have perfected our value proposition – our value and promise to you. We help customers save time by providing the most relevant and up to date information. We provide a Super Service assisting customers 7 days a week, 365 days a year – answering every email, live chat service, and reviewing every application using our 8-point inspection. These include:

  • Careful review of passport information including: number characters, format and length using individual country guidelines.
  • Passport expiration date inspection vs. issue date formats using customer’s country guidelines
  • Review of National ID number for proper length and format
  • Ensure customer name corresponds to the correct gender
    ( male/female selection )
  • Inspect for common mistakes with Passport Issuing Country and Country of Citizenship Selection
  • Research and authenticate City of Birth is valid for the Country of Birth selection
  • Transposition of National ID number to Passport Number
  • Other common errors and omissions due to customer oversight or incorrect keyboard entries

Explore our site and let us know if you have any questions.

You’ll find our GUIDE to be a valuable resource – this is where we summarize the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA online process using the top questions we receive from customers.
In addition our Blog and News PAGE is updated weekly with helpful tips and articles about visiting the USA and all the legalities associated with visa free travel.
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